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Asali - Afrochic Inspiration

Our Mission

At Asali, we LOOOOVVVVVVEEEEE two things: color and patterns. We simply can't get enough! So we've curated a selection of things that we love, imported from our favorite place in the world: Africa. May the brilliant colors and unique patterns make you as happy as they make us. Enjoy!

Earrings: Handcrafted with Love from Africa

Afrochic. Artisan made. Beautifully handcrafted. Shop Asali offers colorful, vibrant, and unique earrings from the Continent. Some made with beading and others made handcraved with wood; each pair is totally unique; no two are alike. Shop Now to rock the Afrocentric look with ancestral pride!

African Ankara Kitenge Kente Dutch Wax Hand Fans with Leather Handles - Tie Dye

Queens don’t sweat, we glisten! Keep cool and composed with this beautiful handmade African fabric fan with leather handles. Keep this fan in your purse to pull out at any time. The handle is made of leather with leather a thong to hold together. Each fan is unique; no two African patterns are alike. The fabric used is cut from one piece of African cloth. Made in Kenya or Ghana.

African Fabrics By the Yard

This fabric features a black and red background with orange-ish yellow fans.

Colorful and bright, this printed fabric is so versatile, and there is no limit to what you can create. Spice up your wardrobe with headwraps, shirts, dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, jackets, block heels and so much more. This fabric is durable. Give your home décor color and texture with a new quilted blanket, tablecloth, or even frame this beautiful print and hang it up on the wall. It can also be used for crafts projects like pillows, bed covers, table linens, tapestries, or curtains. The possibilities of what you can do with this fabric are limitless.

We invite you to peruse our page and shop!

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