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Empress Rose Legacy

Updated: Apr 7

"We uplift, motivate and inspire you to look inside yourself to become a better you."

Empress Rose Legacy was birthed from the ashes of pain from my great loss. From despair and depression to renewed faith, health and love. In my book and workbook, I will reveal how changing my mindset moved me from a state of numbness and harmful thoughts; to a life of positive thinking, health, joy, success, prosperity and love.

Our inspirational book was born "The Birth Of Empress Rose, I Want To Live And Love Again", which tells of my great story. As you read through the pages, my prayer is that it will inspire you and allow you to see that the reality of your circumstances does not have to be your end. Through the grace of God and changing your mindset you can re-create a new reality for yourself, just as I did. Let this book be an example and a encouragement to you that you can overcome life challenges.

After reading the book, use our workbook exercises, found in " The Birth Of Empress Rose Workbook ", which when done honestly and properly, it will help you to navigate through some of life difficult decisions. From facing your reality, forgiving, pruning people from your life to defining your vision and following your dreams. The workbook exercises will help you develop the mindset you need to live the life you desire and deserve. Through the transformation of mental mindset we want to inspire, motivate and push you into walking into your destiny. We believe in empowering you to be the best version of yourself you can be. We believe you can reach your full potential and create a life of positive thinking, health, success, prosperity and love. It all starts by loving yourself and we believe in you.

Written by, Erica Ruffin Marshall

Founder & CEO of Empress Rose Legacy, Author of: "The Birth of Empress Rose; I Want To Live And Love Again " Book & Workbook.

The Book & Workbook Combo Package. After reading the Book full of raw emotions and truth, it revealed how transparent you have to be in order to find healing. Applying the workbook exercises can shifts you into a whole new mindset. The workbooks walks you through the steps needed to make your shift a permanent one. $45.99/combo Now $19.95

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