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From Roq Innovation - Head Lightz

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

When I first came upon this product, my immediate response was "This hat and headband would be great to wear at night.". Relocating to the south; I reside in an area with no sidewalks, not many street lamps, and almost desolate after midnight. When driving, I always come upon people walking alongside the road at night, dressed in dark clothing, with no reflective gear for safety. I don't think people realize how well they blend in the dark of night and how dangerous that can be - hence, my love for this product Head Lightz.

Stay warm and Safe! This beanie with flashlight is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures. The HEAD LIGHTZ safety headlamp is a critical tool for emergency situations - stash one led hat in your glove compartment or trunk and never be left in the dark again. Light your path and safely stand out!

LONG-LASTING RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. The LED light knit beanie hat features a built-in powerful lithium-ion battery that is 3rd party tested for safety and durability. The LED light easily recharges for up to 8 hours and features 3 brightness settings so you can easily find the right level of light - just tap the button to toggle settings.

HANDS-FREE FREE OPERATION. Great for outdoor activities including runners and joggers, these beanies with lights allow you to SEE and BE SEEN day or night - talk about running safety! Use these running beanies or headlamps for adults and kids - one size fits most ages 8 and up.

Listed as one of Oprah's favorite things for 2022!

For more information and purchase, check out Head Lightz!

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