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The Best Waffle & Pancake Mix

Featured on Diner's, Drive-ins & Dives

After serving 11 years of active duty and 6 ears of Active Alaska National Guard service , Derrick decided to take a chance on himself and founded Waffles and Whatnot. He began with a picnic table on the sidewalks of Anchorage, Alaska and soon upgraded to a food truck.

Derrick Green - Founder

Waffles & Pancake Mix

Heart Healthy | Vegan


Chicken & Waffles Kits

Grit, resiliency, and perseverance paid off as the new Waffles and Whatnot location blossomed into great success. It was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives with Guy Fieri who then invited Derrick down for Guy's Grocery Games. Derrick was subsequently interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine, Food Network, Cuisine Noir, and was even featured in USA Today. In November 2022, Waffles and Whatnot became an SEC registered franchise available for purchase across the US.

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